In our ecological farm hotel Son Llado we wish to offer our clients the maximum comfort, but at the same time we are aware of the need and importance to collaborate in the protection of the environment through a policy of sustainable development.

  • Therefore, starting with the year 2008, thanks to the possibilities of the ‘new technologies’, we have calculated to be able reduce our CO2 emissions 12tons/year (*), with the change of our hot water and heating system, which is now produced by solar energy, almost entirely eliminating traditional heating systems (in our case oil heating). The newly installed system allows us additionally to have sufficient warm water available to heat the swimming pool in spring and autumn, extending thus the swimming season in an ecological way.

  • Situated in a Balearic region with precipitation levels close to desert levels (300-500mm per year) and the salination of the wells, the collection of rain water becomes of special importance. With the installation of a water deposit and gutters and water canalisations we collect the rain water from the different roofs and terraces in a 1000 cubicmeter pond. We hope to store in this way enough water for the complete watering needs of the garden, the vegetable garden and the tree plantation in ourecological finca Son Lladó, as well as other uses, such as car wash, the horses, the swimming pools slides, the cleaning of the terraces, etc.

  • Recycling is also included in our ecological installations. We personally collect glass (jars and bottles), plastic and paper and cardboard  from the apartments of our clients, given that they have been previously separated from the main rubbish. Later, after adding the recyclable materials produced by ourselves, this includes oils and greases, we bring them to the collection points (“punt verd”) in Campos.

  • Biological water purifier that allows us to deal with waste waters natural and ecological way for its reusability, by means of the denominated system “green filter”. The Link  illustrates its process of manufacture and put into operation, step by step, in 2009.

(*) Basis of calculation: 80% reduction of the total amount of diesel oil consummation in the year of 2007, with a Co2 emission of  2,60kg per litre of diesel oil.

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